At The Haven, we take pride in the accomplishments of those we serve. Boundaries are being pushed back, glass ceilings are broken, and the Sarasota-Manatee community is taking notice. Over 800 individuals with disabilities are enrolled in programs and services at The Haven and enjoy a myriad of opportunities to support their personal growth. We are honored to stand with those we serve and to share in the joy of their success as they fulfill their academic and career goals and aspirations. We invite you to Experience the Power of Potential at The Haven.

Over the next six months we are going to share with you astounding and inspirational stories from across our community. From the students we serve at Selby Preschool and The Haven Academy to adults enrolled in our employment, residential, and life skills programs. You will hear first hand how you support  families through your generous giving and of the joy our clients experience when employed in our programs.

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