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Tech and Materials for Job Training Programs

Why Support Employment Services at The Haven:

The Haven offers a continuum of employment services to help participants find, secure and maintain employment on campus and in the community.Your donation in support of tech and materials for job training provides adults with disabilities who are enrolled in employment services at The Haven with the opportunity to become active members of their community. We believe that every individual who wants to work deserves the opportunity to earn a paycheck. Too often, adults with developmental or intellectual disabilities face barriers to employment due to lack of experience and specialized training. Through instruction and group learning, participants develop the skills needed to conduct a job search and maintain employment, including: understanding different job opportunities, completing applications, writing a resume, interviewing, professional grooming and hygiene, workplace communication, and personal development and growth.

The Benefits of Employment Services at The Haven:

  1. Our instructors teach the work, life and soft skills needed to become employable.
  2. Provides an assessment of the participants strengths and matches job training to their interests.
  3. Provides customized instruction and training materials for each individual.
  4. Offers work experience that pays minimum wage while providing support and training around work habits, behaviors and skills.
  5. Participants discover a broader set of skills and gain an increase in self-motivation for independence and societal inclusion.