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Wheelchair Accessible Playground

What Are The Benefits of Building An Accessible Playground?

Play is crucial for human development, the growth of social skills and self-confidence.For children who have mobility or other challenges, a handicap-accessible playground allows them to play too. Something as simple as accessible surfacing can make playground equipment navigable for wheelchairs and the people who use them. Individuals with mobility challenges need accessible play areas and wheelchair-accessible playground equipment so that they can play and be children. For other children who don’t have these challenges at Selby Preschool, playground equipment for children with unique abilities can offer big benefits. Connecting with children of different backgrounds and abilities encourages empathy, as well as social and emotional skills that will benefit children throughout their entire lives.

The Benefits of An Inclusive Play Environment:

Children who can cooperate and play with individuals of all ability levels and all backgrounds will be more prepared for a diverse world and workplace as adults. And it’s not just children who benefit. We tend to think that it’s the child we need to accommodate. An accessible ramp would support our instructors and would create a safer environment for them as they lead their class to the playground.