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Core Funding for Quality of Life Services

How Does The Haven Use Core Funding?

Core funding provides The Haven with an opportunity – and the resources – to think, plan, test new things, improve services or just ensure a bit of security for the future. Some organizations use core funding to support strong back office functions like finance, IT and human resources, all of which ensure that the organization remains effective in achieving their mission. Sometimes core funding is called unrestricted donations, meaning the funds go to our most urgent operational needs, and may include strategic planning to test new approaches that will improve our overall performance as an organization, provide financial security for an operations emergency fund, or the freedom to adapt in times of rapid change.

Core Funding Has Helped The Haven To:

• Build Our Infrastructure For Longevity
• Retain Qualified Direct Care Staff
• Develop Strategic Relationships That Have Led To Further Funding
• Expand and Improve Our Services For Children and Adults with Disabilties
• Establish New Partnerships That Have Supported Our Employment Services Expansion

Making a Difference In The Lives Of Those We Serve

Our donors obviously want to know that their money is making the most difference to our beneficiaries as possible. Sometimes it can be tricky to demonstrate this sort of change/impact from core funding, especially if you’re spending the money on continuing education for those who serve as direct care staff or an hourly wage that attracts and retains quality direct care staff. Overall this is about improving the quality and quantity of our services and because unrestricted donations are usually spent on core items such as fundraising or staff costs, without it there would be no charity, and no services. The longevity of our organization is reliant on core funding and it is the foundation stone for all of the good work we accomplish at The Haven everyday.

Mission Statement

The Haven exists to enhance quality of life by encouraging independence, championing inclusion and advocating for individual rights. Nestled on 32-acres in the heart of South Florida, The Haven offers programs and services for individuals with disabilities in Sarasota-Manatee to empower individuals of all ages to contribute and participate fully in their community.

Number Of Clients On Average Served Every Month:

Key Services Provided:

• Residential Services
• Employment Services
• Haven Industries & Adult Day Training
• Selby Preschool & Haven Academy High School
• Academic & Career Readiness
• Adventure Summer Camp